Hiya! :)

Dec 12, 2018
Meath, Ireland :)
I'm Roxi!
I've loved reptiles very much for the past two years, I've always liked them but only then did my passion start to grow. Now I'd describe it as OBSESSED with reptiles ;)

My two scale babies are Dobby and Cleo! Dobby is a crested gecko, and Cleo is a Ball Python. I do hope to have many other reptiles in the future.

My Favorite Reptiles are Crested Geckos,Milk Snakes,Ball Pythons,Horsefield Tortoises,Corn Snakes,Ackie Monitor,Hog Island Boas/BCIs in general,Bearded Dragons,Leopard Geckos,Berber Skinks,Argentine Black and White Tegus and pretty much every other reptile that exists!

I have other animals such as...
Mylo - Bichon Frise
Jess - Collie Mix
Alfie,Zoe,Bagel,Ruby - Guinea Pigs
Riddler - Rabbit
Cosmo - Hamster

I love all my animals very much. :D

Some of my other hobbies include Dog Agility and Horseriding. I love Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts, Divergent Series, Percy Jackson Series, Heartland and many more series :)

I'm super excited to join this forum and meet other irish reptile lovers! :)

WWR xx


Staff member
Nov 16, 2018
Dublin Ireland
Welcome, Roxi
Thanks for joining our forums and welcome unfortunately as you see it isn't very active at the moment but hopefully ill be able to advertise it soon so we can hopefully grow this new community :)